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The exact same trusted company - Pfizer - makes Female Viagra, meanings you could be 100 % sure of its high quality and safety.

Viagra is an extremely reliable treatment that you can utilize if you are unable to obtain regular constructions of enough hardness.


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The following ones are considered mild: memory problems, stale nose, heat or soreness in your face or upper body, pain in the back, indigestion, and problem.

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You will need to have a chat with your medical professional regarding taking Sildenafil, permitting your man know if you have heart problem, retinitis pigmentosa, hemorrhaging disorder, liver disease, heart rhythm problems, renal system condition, tummy lesion, bodily deformity of the penis, blood cell disorder, low blood stress, coronary canal illness, hypertension, a history of coronary infarction or stroke among your health and wellness disorders.